Forget everything you heard about card counting!

How many things are there in life that are as easy as making a cup of tea? As easy as riding a bike? And how many things are there that seem as bloody complicated as turning a square into a round circle. With you will not miss out on some golden tips about how to play Blackjack. More importantly, you will learn how Blackjack can be an easy game if you have the right tools in your box. Forget about hammer and drill here though. It's all about the tools in your head. Science may not agree with this in detail, but your brain is actually one big and very capable calculator. It can help you win games and if you can win games in a casino, well, you can win some actual money. And that's pretty cool actually.


Up to how much do I need to count?

Oh hold on to your horses here! This is not about exact numbers. At least not as long you don't even know what your framework will be. First up, of course you need to gather some information. And this is so easy that you would not have to send the SAS or the Foreign Legion into a casino's headquarters to gain ground. All you need to find is a thorough description of your Blackjack game. In card counting dreamland, you would look for things like "single deck" or at worst "double deck". The harsh reality in the online casinos 2020 is that all you will be able to find is around six or even eight decks. But that's life in and around online casinos these days. Freebies or at least favourable games seem like relicts from a time long gone by.

  • Gain the necessary information
  • Common games have six or eight decks of cards

Just the amount of card decks makes it really hard to effectively count cards. In a game with eight decks, there are four times as many aces around. 32 of them buggers are cruelly hard to spot and you can count yourself very lucky if you ever reach the halfway point there. Because not only do online casinos dish up ridiculous amounts of cards. They also shuffle their decks more often than the wind direction changes in Wellington. One thing is seriously certain however. The casino operators do not particularly like if you try to be one step ahead of them. They start acting up even worse if you dare to be successful at doing just that. So if we should be a little more serious about things for a moment, please do not get caught, because casino operators will show you the door fairly swiftly.

Now that we have established that even getting the basics right can be one hell of an effort, how about some alternatives? How about just playing your heart out. If you are of the more defensive nature, try some of the other tools from your Blackjack toolbox. Minimize the risk you take and make sure you are safe from a Blackjack combination in the dealer's hands. At least when it comes to learning strategies within the framework of the rules of the game, casinos seem quite dangerous. Play some video blackjack without real money to sharpen your senses. Then, when you feel wise and strong enough to take on the world with cards in hand, why not try out live games. On average, there will always be a couple of silly blokes on the table who are happy handing you all the chips they have.

Now, if you are of the more offensive nature, try to go all in. As soon as you are lucky enough to hold two equally valued cards in your hand (i.e. two nines or two Queens), split your hand. Okay, you may not split hands in innuendo fashion to become a Blackjack hydra. But if one hand should lose out, you might still put one over the dealer with your other hand. If all this goes to prove one thing, it is that counting cards is a technique that is there for Blackjack - but one that is not necessarily well suited to online games. There is too much shuffling going on and casinos are just too aware of the advantages players could have if they manage to apply this technique all the way through. But it has been nice talking about it.